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December, 2015

Volume 42, Number 1   
INTRODUCING easySewing Patterns Organizer™ Module

We have a brand new module! easySewing Patterns Organizer™! You can keep track of your sewing patterns in one or more categories and add keywords to them to help you find them easily.

You can link your Sewing Pattern Charts to other Sewing Pattern Charts within easySewing Patterns Organizer™, or with other charts from other modules. So, if you own easyFabrics Organizer™, and have created a Fabric Chart of one of your fabrics that you want to use with a Sewing Pattern, then you can link these two Charts together. This way, every time you open the Fabric Chart in easyFabrics Organizer™, you will see a clickable link with image to the Sewing Pattern Chart in easySewing Patterns Organizer™, and vice versa.


For the month of December, 2014, when you purchase the Standard or Pro Edition of any Module of Easy Organizer Suite™, you will receive a Free Embroidery Design Set! Click here to see all of the super cute designs in the free embroidery design set.

You can purchase a Module here.


We are giving a free design every single week!  The current design set is called Flowers and Butterflies.  The first few designs of the set have been released with more coming this month!  You can find it and all the other free designs on our Free Designs Page on our website!  Just select Free Designs under the Downloads tab to get your free designs.



Convert Using Your Inventory
Did you know ... you can convert the threads in a design to the threads you have on hand. So, if you purchase a design and the threads are listed in a brand that you don't have any of, you can create a thread chart that shows all of the threads the design was set up with, and then right next to it, you can see the threads that match that you have. No going to the store and buying even more thread! Here's how:

     1. Enter the threads that you own into My Inventory in easythreads.
     2. Create a new thread chart with the threads that the design was set up with.
     3. Save your new thread chart.
     4. Select Tools --> Convert.
     5. Put a check mark in the Show Only Inventory checkbox. This will tell the program to only look in your inventory for matches.
     6. Put a check mark in the SOURCE for MATCH, if in Inventory checkbox. This will tell the program that if the Original thread is already in your inventory, then use that thread as a match.
     7. Put a check mark in any of the Inventory Lists you want to include while converting.
     8. Click on the OK button.

Here's what the Convert Options form will look like:

Now the program will find matches for all the threads in the design. Each matching thread will be in your Inventory and you won't have to run to the store to buy any threads!
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